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 HD 188753 Ab "Surt"or "Surtr"

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HD 188753 Ab "Surt"or "Surtr" Empty
PostSubject: HD 188753 Ab "Surt"or "Surtr"   HD 188753 Ab "Surt"or "Surtr" Icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2012 11:31 am

There are plenty of Giants throughout multiple pantheons of mythology, why not start naming the gas giants after them?

For the Gas Giant HD 188753 Ab, which has been discovered in a Triple star system, what could be more appropriate than the leader of the Fire Giants from Norse Mythology?

I propose the name "Surt" or possibly the alternate spelling "Surtr" For this most interesting exoplanet
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HD 188753 Ab "Surt"or "Surtr"
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